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Posted By: Jim Carroll
25-Sep-13 - 03:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Subject: RE: BS: Did CIA lunch the Sarin missile in Syria
Can't see your argument Terrytoon
There never has been any dispute that argument that Russia has been the main supplier of weapons to Syria - certainly not from me
At the same time, there is no argument that Britain has been supplying chemicals that can, and probably were used for the production of sarin gas for over six years (at least)
You want to join your brain-dead mate in arguing that it's OK because the Syrian authorities insisted that it was only for the use in production of aluminium framed windows and toothpaste, or "Russia sells them more than we do" feel free
Selling war criminals anything that is capable of killing and maiming human beings is - or should be - collusion in war crimes.
When the withdrawal of all trade is a possible means to stop the massacres of civilians, and when this is suggested by an official who has taken part in those massacres, to ignore it is an act of gross inhumanity.
Britain continues to regard Assad's Syria as a trading partner whatever the outcome of the present conflict - ministers have made it clear that it "cannot be allowed to disrupt trading relationships."
You and your mate seem to feed on cut-n-pasted "facts" rather than the grim realities of trading with these monsters.
I was amused at your response to the "sniper bullets".
If I remember rightly, you and Humanist Keith identified them as being merely "a few sniper rifles(sic)"
You went on to sneer that they were only used for target practice "snipers tend to do that" were your exact words.
Then, realising how that related to the fact that mothers carrying children in arms were being shot down by snipers on the streets of Homs, you both beat a hasty retreat, first claiming there was no evidence that the sale never existed, then that it did but the licence was withdrawn, then that it was for a private buyer and was for hunting, than that Britain had no idea of the Syrian regime's human rights record, ("did they have a crystal ball?")....
It was around then you rode off into the sunset, leaving your mate to fight the good fight alone - he managed a couple more contradictory excuses, finally settling on "I made a mistake, I thought we were talking about Libya".
Didn't Captain Mainwaring teach you the value of "concentrating on the job in hand if you were ever to defeat the Hun" when you were drilling in the schoolyard back in Warmington of Sea?
Consistency lad, consistency - that's the secret of being a good toy soldier!
You don't even appear to have the dubious quality of dogmatic fanaticism that your mate does and tend to scurry away when the going gets tough, leaving him to fight the good fight alone.
Britain trades arms with war criminals making us complicit in war crimes - a recorded fact.
We sold gas, armoured cars and other forms of riot control equipment that were used on the streets of Homs and Aleppo - also a recorded fact   
Britain sold gas and riot control gear to Bahrain, was forced to withdraw thirteen licences, then hosted an arms fair to sell them more.
Now - bluster away - it seems to be your one talent
Jim Carroll
By the way, I'm increasingly impressed by your used of the highly inventive use of my name "Jom" - it takes a stunning brain to think to pick up on one of my typos - magnificent.
Carry on sergeant!