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Posted By: Bobert
23-Sep-13 - 07:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why I am gone
Subject: RE: BS: Why I am gone
Yeah, TIA, I fully understand where you are coming from... It is disheartening that wacko right wingers seem to have permeated every conceivable vehicle where people communicate... Big media has all but blackballed "liberals"... All we hear is the right wing defining who we are and it does get tiresome hearing and reading these people's boorish and racist garbage but...

...these people ain't squat in the big scheme of things and we will one day look back on these times a the darkest of times... It started with 9/11 and since we haven't had much in the way of fresh air...

Just take some time off, TIA, and come on back when ya' feel like it 'cause ol' Bobert loves ya'...