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Posted By: GUEST
22-Aug-13 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: The NSA Scandal/Snowden
Subject: RE: BS: The NSA Scandal/Snowden
When credit card companies, Facebook, Internet providers, Yahoo, Google, and a host of other non-governmental entities collecting data acquire the ability to declare someone an "enemy combatant" without giving reason because it's "classified," and throw him or her in Gitmo without charges and hold him or her indefinitely without trial or access to a lawyer, then there will definitely be outrage. Imagine if Visa or Mastercard drone striked someone because he or she was delinquent on a credit card payment (economic terrorism). Even Internet providers don't have the power to arrest someone if a person engages in, for example, online child pornography. All they can do is turn over the evidence to the appropriate authorities who then come and make an arrest. And at least the suspect will be charged with a crime, provided a lawyer and given a trial. If convicted, he or she will be given a sentence and, in this instance, the possibility of getting out someday to resume life as a free citizen. Not so with the data collected by the NSA who fingers someone because they don't like the cut of his jib or she once wrote "Dick Cheney's mother wears Army boots" and sent it in an email to her friend.