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Posted By: Jeri
20-Aug-13 - 11:54 AM
Thread Name: Bob Dylan 50yr. hoax
Subject: RE: Bob Dylan 50yr. hoax
Somewhat seriously:
There's a big divide between literal thinkers and abstract thinkers, although quite a number of them can understand the other way of looking at things... mostly the abstract thinkers.
I've heard people say they don't like certain lines because they leave too much open to interpretation. Too much room for the listener to assign their own meanings. That's the whole point of writing that way. While I would dearly love to know what a certain composer was thinking when he wrote a line, I know that if he's writing in that style, it's the effect that matters, not the intention. I'd guess quite a few of those composers would refuse to say, anyway. It means what it means.

There are arguments about whether certain interpretations are right or wrong, but all the arguments are pointless... unless it's a no-questions-possible, can-t-be-anything-else literal interpretation. Even then, people argue. Maybe that's the one constant.

You say 'potato'
I say... it's a dream planted in rich, brown wormlands, free to grow roots and become, under a sun it cannot see, above the rocks it cannot feel, shaped according to nature and keeping to its purpose: to become.