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Posted By: catspaw49
12-Aug-13 - 07:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Katlaughing's Ashes
Subject: BS: Katlaughing's Ashes
The Song of Her Ashes
.....Nathan Tompkins

The red guitar pick in my right hand
pushes, strums the strings.
The uncalloused tip of my left forefinger
burns in friction notes as it slides down the frets.
It's been ten years, since I stroked the scale
from its curvaceous brown wooden throat,
but now it's to join her song briefly with mine.

It's her song that strains its refrain
on the highland Colorado breezes
and yodels the wind's words in Wyoming,
back north to the coastal hills
of the Pacific Northwest
where my fingers waltz their matilda
with the ghost of a drowned swaggie
upon my instrument's strings.
Then back home where she whispers
her last lullaby to her grandson.

Her ashes travel with the cloud lined sky lanes
black wheels brake upon the paved tarmac
so she may accompany the chorus of a song circle
around a getaway campfire in Maryland,
or join the beat of a jam session in Toronto.

She whispers the guttural tones
of a didgeridoo as she joins a wangga song
of the Dreamtime while she drifts
over Sydney Harbour to sprinkle her gray specks
among the white sails of the Opera House,
or cruise upon the outback currents
to dust the red base of Uluru.

She cantillates into the London night
as her ashes swim upon the lamplight
stained surface of the Thames.
She chants alongside the spirits
of ancient druids upon the Salisbury Plain,
or rests upon the chalk giant's knee.

Or maybe she will just visit
the friends she never met,
save upon gigabytes
of virtual white pages.

But no matter, she will always sing,
as her voice joins the earth's tune.

Copyright Nathan Tompkins 2013

I could find no better or finer way to open this thread. Nathan's Song is beautiful, passionate, and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much Nate for such a fine piece of work.

Some of you are aware that Kat's (Hey, she's not here...I can capitalize the K) ashes are going around the world. She was and will remain to be through her numerous posts a part of the community but there were other communities with many 'Catters that she wanted to visit, places to go to meet in 3D and share an old friendship with people just met. Or maybe just to be with a friend.....or a crowd of them.

I was happy when Roger, Kat's husband, called and asked me about this. I thought it was great and offered my help in any way I could. Between us we have worked out a few places that would be appropriate.   My first thought was send there to whomever but that was totally impractical so I hope she enjoys her trip and will stay forever or sail the oceans or the air currents through eternity......or at least til global warming melts the place down.

She will go to Australia where Sandra from Sydney and Freda Underhill will take care of her even maybe having a beautiful view of Sydney Harbor. KT and Ebbie have plans for when she arrives in Alaska. Sinsull will make sure she attends those fine song circles and house concerts in Maine. Janie will be taking some for a couple of reasons. Kat originated and fought for what used to be known as healing threads the culmination of which is a great thread started by Nigel Paterson when his daughter Jane was very ill with and later died from cancer. That thread is currently running named "Jane's Rainbow." Second, because Kat knew little of the Appalachian traditional music she grew to love it and her preferred instrument of choice became the Mountain Dulcimer. Since Janie is both a native mountain girl and the "executive officer" of The Rainbow I thought she was the perfect person. Janie will leaves the ashes high up in the mountains that fostered the music we love so much.

Some ashes are going to The Getaway. Bill D. and Rita have plans and it sounds good to Roger....and me too! Kat wanted badly to be there. It was the first thing Roger mentioned. Micca will be working with Roger directly on England. I talked with Heather Fielding and she will also be receiving some. Rick and Kat and I all came here within weeks of each other and those early days bonded us together. Again, Roger wanted this one too and I agreed. I miss them both. Finally, some will come to me.

I want to thank everyone who has helped, is helping, or will just sing one with her or share a few laughs wherever you may find her.

Much Love to All on The 'Cat,