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Posted By: Claire M
10-Aug-13 - 02:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Situation w/ living arrangements
Subject: RE: BS: Situation w/ living arrangements

Well, I probably am a bit spoilt. I don't mind cutting down on fluids pre-gig, or if I'm going somewhere else where I know I'll have to go w/o hoisting, cos I'll do anything rather than miss out on concerts, re-enactments, etc. but doing so otherwise w/o the need to is daft. I'm not convinced it's not so staff have to do less work!

A friend of mine drinks very little while I drink like a fish; I never feel like I've drunk enough & hate cutting down if there's one thing I hate it's being dry --while she never wants anything to drink & hates being encouraged to have any more, but we're both fine. The problem w/ these type of places, & what I hate about them the most, is that they tend to have an idea that one size fits all; everyone must do the same thing. It's my/our "flats", & for a company who's all about choice (better not put name) they've a funny idea of it.

I think my eviction is/was a threat, which is pretty pathetic. I'm booking a scan soon to check I'm all right, but if that turns out OK that'll just be another reason to say it's all in my head & not to put me on one.

I've dreamt of fav bands before; soon after moving I got lectured via dream-sequence by a certain singer I hold in stupidly high regard, (if you've read my other posts you'll have an idea, you will esp., McGrath). She gave me a big smile & asked how I was getting on. When I said all was not well, she told me sternly that nobody is in a care home cos they want to be, I'm better off than I was in some ways, & I should make the best of a bad situation; I still have my music & folklore, & to call her if & when needed. One woman who works here, who I/we all really like, is convinced she was/is my guardian angel, in a form I'd recognise.......