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Posted By: Claire M
09-Aug-13 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: Situation w/ living arrangements
Subject: RE: BS: Situation w/ living arrangements

To Ebbie: I'm unable to lift myself up, & it doesn't work in my favour that I look, act & sound like I can do more than I actually can, & when I get riled up I sound spoilt.

Tried w/ something similar to SheWee, which didn't work. Moving would upset my parents cos it took years to find this place & the others are truly shocking; for for my parents to wish they'd cancelled their break to take me home tells you a lot. I've been told by various people that I don't know how lucky I am. & they've cared for me all their lives

The thing I've found since this started is that when/if staff make a big deal out of said problem, I worry a lot more, which makes things 10x worse & causes the ensuing problem. Most of the older/foreign staff are a lot nicer, a lot more polite, w/ a lot more sense; some are/have been like playground bullies. I nearly missed a concert once cos the woman in charge of the other staff that day said I'd be all right w/o getting hoisted beforehand!

The manager said she wouldn't have lashed out at staff had she been me, & of course she supports her daughter 100%-♥-edly. If she (her daughter, I mean) hadn't have been so nasty & hoisted me when needed there would've been no problem. There were 2 other staff listening outside, who I get on w/, were nearly in tears.

I don't expect staff to be at my beck & call, even when/if I do joke about it w/ some staff who I'd consider friends, but I expect to be sorted out as & when needed. The thing quite a few care home residents struggle w/ is that they expect staff to look after them like their family do.

Thanks, McGrath, at least I've got that.