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Posted By: Phil Edwards
15-Jul-13 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Fairport/Steeleye - unequal respect?
Subject: RE: Fairport/Steeleye - unequal respect?
The first three are good, but it's Steeleye albums 4 and 5 for me - say what you like about MC and the Woodseses, for me Prior/Hart/Knight/Kemp/Johnson will always be the lineup. No drummer on any of those first five albums, which may be relevant - the 70s folk-rock rhythm section is a dreadful thing.

As for Fairport, speaking as a child of the 70s, I never got into the singer-songwriter end of folk-rock back then (with the partial exception of Pentangle's original compositions), and I'm not likely to now. (In the 70s I was a fan of Roxy Music, Slapp Happy and Faust, and I wanted folkie strummers to do something more interesting with their material - more lyrically complex, more texturally abrasive, less obvious. These days I'm a fan of P. Bellamy, R. Copper and F. J. Child, and I want the strummers to stop messing about and get back to the old songs - it's not as if there's any shortage. (When did you last hear a False Foudrage?))

I'll take Jacqui McShee over Maddy Prior, I think; her voice is more controlled and less mannered. But June Tabor or Norma W over either of them.