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Posted By: Claire M
13-Jul-13 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: Fairport/Steeleye - unequal respect?
Subject: RE: Fairport/Steeleye - unequal respect?

I love that too. & 'Tam Lin' is a favourite, both story & song. One makes me think of the other, & I was overjoyed to get a fairy tale book one Xmas that used the old-fashioned language & versions of the tales. I was disappointed Maddy didn't say "where came ye from?" to me. I still melt away thinking about said gig.

Had Dad been as into FC as much as/more than SS I would've probably preferred them. Since I was little, when/if I had a favourite of anything as I generally did -- similar stuff was never as good (this has changed somewhat w/ hitting 30 & finding Pentangle nearly didn't notice 'Solomon's Seal' [1] cos it looked so plain, which would've been a real shame; it's unbebloodybefrigginglievable.

As for SS; occasionally look at the fan websites (& contribute to one) & I've got their tour alerts on ents24 but it'd still be nice to have an official website w/ shiny stuff & like-minded people cos there seems to be one for everything else perhaps they don't have one cos soon they won't need it, or don't try as hard cos as FC there's no need to ?? Please no....owh I've upset meself now.)

I'm a jewellery fiend so some would be nice w/ their logo/something to do w/ their songs.

[1] Oh dear, that sounded wrong. Oh no, a footnote.........