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Posted By: GUEST
12-Jul-13 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: The NSA Scandal/Snowden
Subject: RE: BS: The NSA Scandal/Snowden
Another website that was supporting Snowden was comparing him to both John Galt in "Atlas Shrugged" and to the guy in "Fountainhead" who blows up a building that was supposed to have been his creation, his architecture, but the govt took over the project and began making changes and by the time it was completed, it was nothing like what he had designed and the guy was so appalled that he blew it up and was put on trial and all that.

I thought, geez, the author of that article thinks that the information Snowden is revealing is his own intellectual property!! I mean, that's the essence of the story!! There's a difference between someone who destroys the World Trade Center because it was his design and he was appalled by what it came to represent and someone who destroys it because he hates America and just wants to hurt it.

Which is Snowden? Well, he didn't create the surveillance program or any of its software or hardware, he did not write any of the policies or have anything to do with the legalities involved. So he cannot be the character-type in The Fountainhead. What about the 2nd type--the guy who blew it all up because he hated the country? That seems extremely probable to me--so much so that there is no possibility that it could be anything else. The reason for the change was nothing more than the election of Barack Obama.