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Posted By: GUEST,CS
10-Jul-13 - 04:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: The NSA Scandal/Snowden
Subject: RE: BS: The NSA Scandal/Snowden
I liked this piece in Salon (I also really like Salon) which highlights the emptiness of "news" commentators busy directing their attention and vitriol at Snowden's personality, rather than at the the governmental crimes that he exposed. Rather like some of the comments here.

"And so a man who's spent 44 years appearing on television for a living uses the minute allotted on the program he hosts for him to share his self-evidently important thoughts on world events to accuse someone else of narcissism. Though the key word isn't "narcissistic," of course, it's "young." This is Schieffer's argument: In his day people who opposed the government did so correctly...
It's apparent that Snowden is an alien to them, and they can understand him only in terms of idiotic newsweekly Generation Gap nonsense. He is a millennial, he is selfish and lazy and narcissistic. It's just privileged old men projecting their hatred and resentment of a younger generation onto a convenient representative. .. Schieffer thinks Snowden is a "narcissist" because, you know, the kids today, they're all narcissists ... We actually don't know shit about Edward Snowden's inner life.
If you want to watch the opposite of Schieffer's "destruction" of Snowden the narcissistic twerp, USA Today gathered three experienced intelligence professionals all former NSA officials who also saw abuses and eventually went public with them to see what they thought of Snowden. All three agreed that Snowden performed a public service. All agreed that he did the right thing.
they all did what Schieffer wanted Snowden to do: They made their complaints internally, according to what is supposed to be the proper procedures. And all were ignored, marginalized or punished for doing so. The proper procedures didn't work.
That's the news here, and that's what we're supposed to be debating: not whether this guy is a self-important asshole, but what he told us about how our government is acting and whether the safeguards in place supposedly to prevent abuse are functioning at all.