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Posted By: Rex
07-Dec-00 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: A fine time was had at Bent's Old Fort
Subject: RE: A fine time was had at Bent's Old Fort
Hmm, where to start? Down the list I go. Thanks for your reply DaveO. Did I say tenor? I have mentioned a tenor in some other posts but wouldn't bring one near the fort. This was a 5stringer, no resonator 'tall. It was made around 1885 and has one glaring feature that the banjo documented at the fort probably did not, frets. That's as close as I can get for now. I need to make one of those lovely tack head banjos like the one in the William Sidney Mount painting. (done in 1851) The time that the fellow was at Bent's Old Fort was in the 1840's and so would likely have the banjo we are familier with.

On to Kat, thank you for telling me of the book. I'll bet if I took the trouble to look in their gift shop I would have found it. But I'll look for it now. I guess the next time I am involved in an event at Bent's Fort I'll you folks know. I never would have guessed that anyone knew about it. You are correct, I was born and raised in the East. I come from a little town in the noble state of Catspawdom, also known as Ohio. But I was just saying Colorader in the spirit of the time. These folks also would say, Buffler.

And Chantyranger, I don't know how we missed each other. I was in the fort from seven in the morning to nine that night. I would think I was in the billiards room during the time you were there. You didn't see a crazed fiddler in the back corner in front of the whiskey bottles. I wouldn't have been in the other back corner where the fireplace was. That was taken up by the Army Corps. of Engineers! I sure wish I had seen you. I could have got a song in WyoWoman. I'd like to hear her fine voice again. Maybe even a yodel.