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Posted By: Ron Davies
13-Jun-13 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: Joni Mitchell interview CBC 2013.06.11
Subject: RE: Joni Mitchell interview CBC 2013.06.11
What a wonderful interview.   He pressed her on several issues--she even said she didn't like interviews--but never enough to alienate her.   We have an amazingly well-rounded picture of her in just an hour.

And what a fascinating--and superarticulate, well-read, (and talented, as we knew) woman.   Quoting Nietzche on poetry approvingly.    And she's right--her quote fits cerrtain "poets" to a T (Mr. Zimmerman, for instance):    "he muddies his water that he might appear deep".    And it doesn't seem beyond belief that she had him in mind.

On the Vietnam war:    the protestors blamed the soldiers.    Again this is in large part true.
And it infuriated me at the time--and now.

On feminists--nasty and hostile to her.   I'll bet they were--her music was far too intensely personal for them, especially the early records.   The more fools they.

Incisive sketches of so many people and issues--including men in general relating to her:    "You're so beautiful you should reproduce--and I'm the one to do it."

And a great sense of humor on top of it: on herself:    "tremendous joie de vivre, alternating with irritabiity."

And on and on.   This just scratches the surface of the interview.

Kudos to the interviewer--and to her for being willing to reveal so much (in a format she does not like).