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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
13-Jun-13 - 06:02 AM
Thread Name: Joni Mitchell interview CBC 2013.06.11
Subject: RE: Joni Mitchell interview CBC 2013.06.11
Fave bits (paraphrased from memory):

GG: Do you like being venerated?
JM: Depends on who's doing the venerating.

JM: I'd rather have arrogance than fake humility

And her fabulous take-off on Dylan's voice.

But a couple of cavils: Many of us were (and are) concerned about environmentalism and the infestation of "pink hotels". She wrote one of the great anthems of that issue, but she really didn't introduce it. And a lot of us managed to hate the war in Nam while still having compassion for the soldiers who were forced to go fight it, and what it did to them. And not everyone who believes in equality for women is a man-demoniser or any of those other clichés she tossed around. That whole judgment is too polarised, and doesn't take account of all us other non-Amazons who have plenty of men friends, and sympathy for the harness men have to wear, but aren't prepared to be victimised because of gender. We really need a new name for it because the term "Feminism" calls up such horrible images. I don't like the extreme exponents of it either, but they always managed to yell the loudest. And give the rest of us a bad name.

What is the illness she speaks of? Does she mean that (not sure what to call it) condition/syndrome where you either have or believe you have fibres growing out of you? Name starts with M, no time/inclination to go a-Googling right now. Is that what destroyed her voice? It could always just be the smokes and natural aging.

She still sounds in fine form, tho. May she continue to be so for many years yet. Yes, I could always find myself in her songs.

A great listen - thanks Gnu.