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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
23-Apr-13 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!
Subject: RE: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!
"I did some spring cleaning in my car. It feels good to have it so empty." Gee, Michelle, that's what I did today! It sure does feel good. I de-cluttered it of wood chips and sawdust, put the seats up and thought about a sign, "THIS IS A CAR! not a truck!" Took a cracked on the bottom red wash bucket to triage things - compressor in case of flat tire, whisk broom, water jug ... So they are not all over the floor but neatly tucked in the back and easily moved.

Other than some lengthy emails written, I spent WAY too much time on internet but it has been interesting and of some use as well. Then I drove down to the Mill to see what was happening, stopping at two groceries on the way and one on the way back.

Good job I went. R had just arrived with a box truck it took them all day to load. And B had the wrong windows ready for the solarium. R neglected to tell him we were getting a real patio door, frame and all. We can use the others elsewhere. I seem to have neglected to tell R that with the patio door set, we do not need yet another window in that wall.

Kept the food intake low.

A "check" light is on in car. I cannot figure out what it is I am supposed to check - probably the oil as a change is overdue. I am so unused to having the car, after three weeks, that it did not occur to me to take it to garage today or, at least, make an appointment. Priority for tomorrow.

Now, check on new listings for country properties - very cheap ones.