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Posted By: Bettynh
22-Apr-13 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
Subject: RE: BS: Explosions at Boston Marathon
My son is in basic training for the army, so he's rather isolated from national and local news. I've been struggling to write him about this coherently and accurately, keeping it to less than book size. Thanks, bobad, for that New Yorker article. I printed it out to send. Today's letter will be describing aftermath - planning in Boston to open the crime sceene street (would that every city leader could demand clear representation from insurance companies, pro bono lawyers to represent local companies, and a loan pool for help with continuing business in the area - Mayor Menino will be sorely missed after this November), local and various agency cops winding down, sports and other events postponed, etc. I may mention the Miranda warning issue, but only to remind him that it's about the verbal recitation of rights the accused has, whether warned or not, as a citizen. I'll remind him that blaming all Muslims for this would be equivalent to blaming all Christians for the Branch Davidians (and the events of 20 years ago in Waco) or all video games for the Columbine school shootings of 13 years ago. My son is 30, so maybe he can help others in his group process this without hate. This whole affair probably has more to do with disaffected American young men (my son knows many) than it does with foreign intrigue.