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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
07-Apr-13 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!
Subject: RE: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!!!!
The plus side of moving is that some stuff might be found surplus and disposed of although I did a great deal of that prior to last move.

My vision of bulbs coming up was that they would be too random for holes. One of my fav garden tools was a "japanese hoe" which made it very easy to scrape weeds off at the soil surface. Very easy when they are small.

BIG news is that we finally have electric at the saw mill!!! As of today, I can plug in the modem and have internet and sit in the car and use computer - the interior is still too dirty and cold. I am here due to the latest crisis:
Wednesday I thought I was going to have a quiet day at the cabin but shortly after R left for the saw mill, my cell phone rang (that is good news as it often does not work at the cabin. Anyhow, he had been stopped by the department of transport and both truck and trailer impounded!

Doing things in a timely manner is a terrific way to avoid clutter. I drove down and picked up him and the plywood he was taking to the mill for the electrician. Then I was down there without even a book! So I went to the thrift shop and the grocery store for provisions.

The trailer had a license plate registered to "a dead man" so apparently when a friend gave R the trailer he had not properly registered it. That was really a cruncher. That took a great deal of discussion and phone calls to Quebec City.

Well, it is now Sunday and they have had the requisite repairs, his driver's license is reinstated (a ticket had not been paid) - we had to drive to Montreal for that on Thursday but that was Ok because I had arranged to pick up a musician at the train at 4:30 and bring him out to the country. we stopped in St. I for the music and Allan played in the open mike.

Do stop at stop signs, pay tickets, register vehicles appropriately, on time. And more. The property manager had been "too busy" to register the truck and once it was impounded, it could not be registered until it was cleared - 5 pm on Friday. So we may have to drive back to Montreal tomorrow. So most of four days were shot and I have gotten nothing of my own stuff done, except this computer stuff. R has put in many hours on the electric. That is good.

Today, Jeri, Beer and R and I got to hear a marvellous Bruce Murdoch concert. He was in fine form with new songs and old songs! A real treat. Pierre Lachance opened and did a couple Murdoch songs as well, also beautifully.

E-Bay defeated me by the time I may have registered for it. I just give stuff to the thrift shop. This week a few things, including a pair of in-line skates R found somewhere. Unfortunately, the little green library had a $2/bag book sale and R bought 3 bags and I one - just to have a few on hand in case I run out and the library is closed. Sale is every saturday in April and they promised more books next week, she says with horror! I suggested we need to turn one of the buildings at the mill into a library. I shall be culling some books as I box them for this next move.