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Posted By: ranger1
03-Apr-13 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!
Subject: RE: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charmion, if you're not enjoying making music, run like hell. Music is supposed to make us happy and bring us up, not make us irritable.

In other news, I got a major decluttering project at work completed that has been irking the living daylights out of me for a year. My predecessor and his partner in chaos had a bad habit of shoving everything in the back room of HQ, a building that is technically the manager's quarters. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it and things were piled so high and so deep that there was stuff in there that Andy, my boss, hadn't seen in four or five years. One of those items was the GPS unit that we needed for a project ASAP (I started back yesterday from seasonal layoff). I figured since it obviously wasn't in one of the top layers, that I might as well organize while I was at it. It was in the back corner buried three layers deep and two wide and at the bottom of the back pile. I also convinced Andy to buy several storage totes to put spare uniforms in, as they take up a full quarter of the space in there. Once in the storage totes, they can be stored in the attic. Another large part of the items in that back room belong out in the interpretive ranger's office on the porch. I also recommended purchasing several cheap tackle or tool boxes to put together kits for the various programs we do. They can then be stacked neatly, as well as being labeled and easily found when they are needed. I'm so good at work, why can't I be better at home?