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01-Apr-13 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!
Subject: RE: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DP, sorry you have to decamp.

Charmion, you can find old threads in this series by the links at the top and bottom of each one, or by a filter search on CLUT. We discuss fitness/activity level stuff here too.

mg, AFAIK silver marks are usually like this: one is the maker's stamp, one is the quality stamp, and then sometimes there is a company logo stamped.


OK. The report from today's PT/Doc visits.

PT: She was back to the deep and painful work today of pulling adhesion tissue off my bones. It's like digging thru flesh to find creeping, tough spaghetti strands trying to climb thru my muscles to attach to my pelvic and hip bones. She plucks these like bass violin strings, and I provide the soundtrack (screamed/tearful cuss words mostly). My "job" while she does this is to lay still and relax into her relentlessly pushing hand.....

Hardi learned how to do some of the stretching of the shallower adhesions today from my PT. (We can do those at home for the tissue closer to the surface, i.e. from pubis towards navel.) For the deeper/snakier strands going hip to hip, which also are trying to adhere to hip bones, she prefers to do those herself just once per week. But the ones we do (which she also does) can also be done on the Friday before Monday PT.

The Doc: She agreed with the dosage adjustment I'd made in my thyroid meds, prescribed accordingly, and agreed that we should monitor closely. So I am happy to go back again in 6 weeks (she is on a 3-week rotation sked so that works great). I do not have to be my own doctor any more (but she does like patients to be partners). The anemia numbers are sliding down towards illness-- but not as fast as I thought. Questions about why the thyroid issue is peaking (when sunshine should send it the other way) remain for the next visit and pre-visit testing. In this slide I'd gained 10 pounds with very few extra calories, which I am sure will melt right back off again. She OKd the workout sked the PT had issued, and all 3 of us agree that it is to be phased in, not accomplished overnight.

More iron-- canned greens with fresh stuff, curried, like Saag Paneer. Twice a week.

So-- bottom line, I get to resume ramp walks tomorrow and phase in the rest as the improved thyroid function prompts.

She also agreed that she is now well up enough on all my health history that I can file the older stuff in office storage, which means I can take about half of the Life Binder's contents out to make room for new stuff that will accumulate. Buh-bye reminders of missed diagnoses, hello new woman's life!