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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
01-Apr-13 - 08:10 PM
Thread Name: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!
Subject: RE: April 2013 Showers wash away clutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeeper's. Do not put down black plastic where bulbs are hoping to come up! Maybe you could just scrape the weed tops off if the bulbs are not poking out yet.

I am still waiting for the snow to leave in the city. In the country, it is not generally planting time for most things until mid May. I see a spot down at the saw mill where I can put a garden and will start working on that the next warm day that I can.

Landlord has given notice. We need to vacate the cabin by 30 June. Hence, the living space R has been planning for the mill will be our temporary home as there is still no money for buying even a cheap place. We will be focussing on moving stuff to the mill. Have already taken quite a bit this week.

Went on Thurs to pick up glaze materials. Then straight down to cabin. Made up some test glazes without needing the new bag of Superpax. This was good because when I looked at what I had bought, it was the WRONG thing. I phoned and they are mailing me, no charge for the mailing, the Superpax.

Anyway, I have been at the cabin since Thursday aft. Went to the St. I. Cafe on Thurs eve. and in Ormstown on Fri eve. R came down with a load of stuff for the saw mill on Thurs eve and went to unload it on Fri. Went to auction on Sat and: About 11 am - "There isn't anything here we need, we may as well leave." At 2 pm, we went back to the saw mill for the truck and trailer. My car was full. After loading the trailer: beautiful queen bed, 3 boxes of bedding, a 60 inch TV, sofa, etc, we drove back to the mill and left it in the yard and went for supper, phoning a friend to join us who phoned another so we had a nice social meal and went home to bed.

Sunday: Unloaded at the saw mill after cleaning up the yard at the cabin. Then looked at R's plans for a mini living space there and for my pottery to be - with lots of windows and possibly a deck and wheel chair ramp. I firmly believe EVERY place needs to be accessible. And since we have a surfeit of wood left over from the saw mill's previous life... as a saw mill. So far, it will be a storage place for R's excess from the city and, majorly, will be a factory for our friend who makes amazing wooden doors and windows. And whatever other enterprises who can rent some of the thousands of square feet of space. Hopefully, the electric will be hooked up in the next couple weeks!   R has been collecting doors and windows for a while. There is a trailer for staff who need to overnight.

Somewhere in this weekend, we made trips to pick up an upscale, second hand propane stove and later a matching frig from the same place. We did not have enough money for both the first trip (not realizing there was also a matching frig available until we got there) and I was not smart enough to go to an ATM - which would have saved a second two hour trip. $600 for both was too good to pass up! It was not the ideal frig for us but....It was there and cheap and looks good. For the mini K at the mill. At least for now.

Today, the folks came to finish off the syrup season and helped R put in the trailer a very heavy antique cupboard he had stored in the shed!!! Then I cleaned up the straw that had gotten scattered in there. One bale covers a huge area! I bagged it for the garden to be and left the landlord's shed fairly clean. R went off to the mill and may return any hour now!

Sounds as though we cluttered more than not but it actually has filled a lot of gaps which needed filling and that de-clutters the mind.