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Posted By: ollaimh
30-Mar-13 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Are fewer people posting?
Subject: RE: BS: Are fewer people posting?
gee dave I have seen you be on a continuous jag of personal insults against one individual , which were totally unwarranted. gnu, I have seen you mainly post how angry you are and rarely poat anything of knowledge, q I have seen you post things about natives that would have been found in der sturmer(the Nazi magazine), and joe stops any discussion of real Nazis and is an apologist for child rapists. I wonder why people aren't posting?

you used to have many educated(often selfeducated--and very well sefl educated) people in folk, now we have the spawn of the neo cons. many seem to have absorbed neo con ideas with no awareness that they are living a contradiction, but most are comfortable joining the ranks of the civilization destroyers.