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Posted By: Bill D
29-Mar-13 - 11:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Are fewer people posting?
Subject: RE: BS: Are fewer people posting?
Having been here almost from the first..(Nov,1996) I have watched all the changes. I used to be a serious source for information for Folk Music.... but withing a few years, there were many, many more who knew far more than I, and within 6-10 years there were so many songs posted and questions answered that Mudcat was one of the most complete and eclectic sites on the WWW. Then Google found us, and now a serious search for lyrics or answers brings up a Mudcat thread. .... I have done a Google search on some song, only to find the basic answer in a thread *I* had forgotten I started a few years before.

So... the resource is worth preserving no matter what 'problems' some folks seem to have with the format, the posters or the topics which often arise.
This place has become an extended family, with many, many distant cousins and drop-ins... and like any family, there are quiet members, loud members, resilient members, 'thin-skinned' members...and everything in between.

The BS area allows those who don't care to debate politics or religion, etc., to just browse music threads.... while allowing some of the freest discussion on odd topics (or non-sequitur non-topics) to be found anywhere. Sure... some folks are ...ummmm... 'focused', to put it politely, on certain opinions and topics. At a live, real party, one can just shake their heads and walk away when a discussion gets beyond their comfort level- as they (usually) don't want to say what they feel to someone's face. Here (and online in general) people often feel a lot less restricted..(maybe because no one can take a swing at them...or maybe because they are almost totally anonymous.)

No easy answer to those who wish that "people would just try to get along" and restrain themselves. It is what it is... we have tried serious editing and controls, and we have tried almost no editing or censorship.... and you know what? No system pleased everyone! The worst problems have gradually been alleviated (you mean you haven't noticed??) Where were you 5-8 years ago?

I am here.... I read and post 'some' to music threads, and join some of the BS discussions. I will stay here, trying to offer my ideas and opinions without being offensive or making enemies.
Max says (I have spoken to him several times in person about this) that he intends to keep Mudcat alive for its main purpose (the database)and allow the members to make of the forum what they will. So far, the good has FAR outweighed the bad... and I am betting that IF fewer people post, it won't affect the larger purpose much at all!