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Posted By: JohnInKansas
29-Mar-13 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Are fewer people posting?
Subject: RE: BS: Are fewer people posting?
Recently when I had occasion to look for an older thread that had "dropped off" I did a refresh, no filter, one year, and noted that there were a lot more threads returned from "above the line" than from the BS section. This seems to be somewhat contrary to the opinion expressed in other recent threads on the subject, but I haven't repeated the experiment to see whether it's a consistent result.

A possible explanation is that "BS threads last longer," maybe because so many of them degenerate into mutual abuse that "goes on forever" with one or two (?) bullies posting just often enough to keep them alive and stinking, while most music questions/discussions are fairly quickly terminated and replaced by new subjects.

It should be noted that loading "everything" (i.e. searching a long time back) does place some extra burden on the 'cat's server, so frequent use of "way-back refreshes" should be deprecated and used only when actually needed.

Also note that there is a limit on how many returns are displayed, so refreshing "a long time back" without a specific filter word/phrase to limit the number of "hits" does not necessarily produce a longer list than a more reasonable time span - so don't bother unless you need to.

[Refreshing "all the way back" will not get you the first surviving post at mudcat ... Certified ... Guaranteed ... Assured ... Promised ... and sworn to by reliable sources.]