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Posted By: gnu
09-Mar-13 - 07:09 PM
Thread Name: It's a Birthday Wish to............ heck, it's gnu
Subject: RE: It's a Birthday Wish to............ heck, it's gnu
Thanks again, all. Q... screw the clams, buddy, ye wanna taste me scallops! Truth be told, DeLuxe would do well to leave em in the fryer for ONE more minute.

Now. if I was a "deep fryin man", I would deep fry oysters in peanut oil... SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!... that there is a family secret. Not really that big a deal on accounta I haven't told you the recipe for the coating and I won't until I know I will die in short order from natural causes... if I divulged the coating recipe before then, then would be now and not natural.

BTW, believe it or not, I prefer fried mussels but I won't eat em as per past thread posts by moi about the possible toxins (and, YES, I do know everything is just peachy keen now due to the enhanced safety procedures that have... screw that).

I am just now stuffed with salt cod fish cakes and fried eggs... great breakky, great lunch, great supper, great snack.