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Posted By: Lighter
03-Mar-13 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: why is the US dollar called a 'buck?'
Subject: RE: Folklore: why is the US dollar called a 'buck?'
In preference to a reasoned argument, backed by verifiable evidence, one is free to believe any unsupported and unlikely claim from cyberspace one likes.

But that doesn't change the facts: deer skins were used in place of cash, were referred to as "bucks," and were valued at a Spanish dollar, for more than a century before "buck" became a slang synonym for an actual U.S. dollar.

Meanwhile, the evidence that Canadian beaver skins were really meant, they were ever called "bucks" (when most people would have thought that meant deer skins), that a Canadian dollar coin (assuming it even existed when Canada still used the pound sterling) was called a "buck" in the 17th century, and that this is the true origin of a U.S. term apparently unknown in Canada till long after it was familiar in the U.S. is (the envelope please!) ..... zero.

But, hey, if it wasn't true, how did it get on a website?