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Posted By: Richie
20-Feb-13 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 4
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 4

I contacted Dartmouth and they no longer have a copy of 1823 Green Mountain. They said to contact Vermont Historical Society- so I did- waiting to hear back.

I've found some interesting information on Geordie and need help sorting some of it out. Does anyone have Bob Coltman's email? I guess I could PM him on Mudcat. Need info on McAllister versions.

Does anyone have the informant's name for Niles 1932 version. An identical version has surfaced from KY (Roberts) and both are similar to Russell's 1936 recording and other Virginia versions.

Here's what I have so far:

Charley's Escape- (VT) pre1823 Green Mountian Songster
Georgia- Larkin (IL) 1868 Musick JOAFL
The Life of Georgia- Ashby (MO) c.1870 Belden A
George E. Wedlock- Dusenbury (AR) 1875 Randolph C
Georgie- Jencks (MI) c. 1876 Gardner
Georgie- Dunaway (AR) c 1897 Randolph D
Go Saddle Me- Wormser (MO) 1909 Belden B
Georgia- Shibley (MO) 1911 Belden C
Charlie Condemned- Williams (KY) 1911 Thomas
Charlie (Geordie)- Wells (NC) 1916 Sharp A
Charlie (Geordie)- Gentry (NC) 1916 Sharp B
Charlie (Geordie)- Buckner (NC) 1916 Sharp C
Georgie- McAtee (WV) pre1917 Richardson-Cox
Go Saddle Up- McAtee (WV) 1918 JOAFL
Georgie (Geordie)- Donald (VA) 1918 Sharp D
Charlie and Sallie- Elliott (PA) 1919 Shoemaker
Georgie (Geordie)- Bowyer (VA) 1918 Sharp E
Georgie (Geordie)- Boone (NC) 1918 Sharp F
Georgie- McNeill (NC) c. 1921 Brown No. 38(4)
Georgie- Hart (VA) 1921 Davis A
Geordie- Mulleins (VA) 1921 Davis C
   Geordie- (VA) 1921 Davis D
The Life of Georgie- Underwood (MO) 1928 Randolph A
Georgie- Waddell (MO) 1930 Randolph B
Georgie- Stikeleather (NC) 1925 Gordon
Lovely Georgie- Simmonds (NL) 1930 Greenleaf
Chappell The Death of Geordie- (VA) 1932 Niles
Georgie (Geordie)- McAllister (VA) 1935 Wilkinson
As I Walked Out on London Bridge- Russell (VA) 1936
Georgie- McAllister (VA) 1959 Clayton and Foss

Looks like about 30 versions and I have about 20 more to go: