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Posted By: Little Hawk
13-Feb-13 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Saw The Hobbit during the holidays
Subject: RE: BS: Saw The Hobbit during the holidays
I'd certainly agree about the fight scenes....they are way over the top to the point of being utterly unbelievable. It's sad what happens in an industry that has allowed mere hollow spectacle to replace genuine drama.

But, hey, they're trying to create a society of befuddled, passive, short attention-spanned, drugged sleepwalkers who are incapable of analyzing anything. Obedient drones for the elite to enslave. One way of doing that is through exaggerated mass spectacle of one sort or another...a method Hitler made great use of. Take the Superbowl, for instance...take a look at the grotesque spectacles they've done at the last couple of halftime shows. Check out Madonna's and Beyonce's contributions.

Whatever Peter Jackson has done in comparison to that pales into insignificance.