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13-Feb-13 - 08:49 AM
Thread Name: Robertson Guitars
Subject: RE: Robertson Guitars
Dude if you picked it up from the op shop you probably paid close to the money for what its worth
I haven't seen many '59's or LP Standards on many op[ shop travels
But hey I did hear one true story 25 years ago of a guy who found a $3,000 Spanish guitar (Hermanos) for $5
He kept it...and appreciated it even more
By the by, once I visited an 'artist colony' hippy squat in Sydney and found a genuine Ramirez lying around. with a lifted bridge, split top which had also lifted from the body and burn marks was being used as an ashtray, a door stop and had a tradition of being a 'grafitti wall' for people to doodle on and scratch their names in...I recognised it straight away as being a 3 or 4 grand guitar (concert model) and I offered to buy it for a couple of hundred I waited around half a day playing this beautiful but damaged and abused stradivari staring at cobwebs and thinking of what might be... and when the owner finally arrived she said that 'she could never part with it because it used to be her sisters and it had sentimental value...'