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Posted By: MorwenEdhelwen1
08-Feb-13 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Saw The Hobbit during the holidays
Subject: BS: Saw The Hobbit during the holidays
AND I LOVED IT! Every bit (even though I did hope the entire Misty Mountains song would be there). But this post isn't a review, it's just a post on my opinion of the movie.

What I did find confusing, though, was the prologue. I didn't ''hate'' it, I just didn't understand why they had to have the frame story with Frodo. I understand using Bilbo, but why have Frodo in there? They could just have had Bilbo narrating the prologue about the fall of Erebor, just as they had Galadriel narrate the prologue for Lord of The Rings.

Anyway, in my opinion the musical cues (like "Concerning Hobbits" at the beginning, the tune when Bilbo finds the ring) are nice reminders of the connection to LOTR, and it was great to see Radagast the Brown, who doesn't appear in the books (mentioned by Gandalf to Beorn in "Hobbit," and again in the novel version of LOTR's Council of Elrond.) The rabbit sled's a nice touch.