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Posted By: Musket
24-Jan-13 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
Subject: RE: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
If Ned Kelly is a folk hero in Aussie, then all the jokes about a nation of convicts, or that pubs in London are full of them on account of always returning to the scene of the crime etc etc are not far off the mark.

However, most Aussies I know, both sides of the world, are decent law abiding people, and perhaps would be somewhat bemused about such status given to a murdering thug. Capital punishment is wrong, and history doesn't make it any better, but neither were his crimes. He was convicted under law and guilty. Saying there was doubt is something to say to the courts, not the world.

Being transported did not need you to be a criminal as such, and many were poor and unlucky. I was not aware he was tried for being transported? He was tried for being a thieving murderer. (Stupid one to boot judging by his armour idea. Nasty one to boot judging by his attempt to derail a train and kill all those on board.)

If this thread is about folklore, then it is valid to state it being obscene that Ned Kelly is put on a folklore pedestal. Folklore is usually about heroes, so don't be too surprised when people take exception to the likes of Kelly being compared to real heroes. Killing three police officers is not what decent society judge as the work of a hero. Lowlife scum is, I believe, the term usually employed by those who express a view.

Courage is something suicide bombers have. Leadership is something their controllers have. No doubt in a hundred years, the London bombers will have songs sung about them, if starry eyed idiots have their way?