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Posted By: dbranno
23-Jan-13 - 12:49 AM
Thread Name: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
Subject: RE: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
Hello 'GUEST'! Welcome back?

The legendary status of Ned Kelly is undisputed. Whether he was/is a 'hero' or not is entirely in one's own perception.
Should you study such things, you will be be able to make informed comments on the subject instead of broad general remarks about others' points of view as "completely and utterly misguided".

Do you yourself know anything about the Irish in Australia? Have you an understanding of 'the system'? Ever visited Port Arthur?
I'm making the (reasonable) assumption that you have not read Ian Jones "A Short Life" or J.J. Kenneally's "Inner History..." that are pointedly referred to above. If you have done so, then please correct me.
I quite enjoy being wrong as it gives me opportunity to learn something new. Yourself?

If you are a 'serving member' then I understand you better than you could imagine. Any time Kelly's name comes up, sure enough there's a blueboy to speak out. Enlighten us... Tell us a believable, properly 'guided' story?

My cookie has been restored (thanks Sandra in Sydney, thanks Joe Offer) so I'm not anonymouse anymore. Now, do we have a chat or not Mr. (or Ms.) 'GUEST'?