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Posted By: GUEST,Branno
21-Jan-13 - 05:24 AM
Thread Name: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
Subject: RE: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
So, guest Pamela, perhaps you ascribe to the Blainey/Windschuttle school of history? That's the empire loyalist/white man triumphant school, that includes denial of indigenous history in Australia, yes?
One could reasonably suppose that visitors to the Mudcat have some understanding of the validity of folklore and oral history. Does this grouping include you? Do you have alternative sources to quote me, or am I left to ponder what your "lot of reading about Australian history FACTS" might include?

Ned Kelly is by far and away STILL the best known Australian, with good cause, and obviously still excites controversial debate, given his undoubted, never to be forgotten place in the Australian ethos.

As for you, mysterious 'guest' (if JoeClone would please restore my cookie, I will appear here NOT as 'guest)I question your understanding of the term 'heroes'. Men (and occasionally, women) who carry the gun in foreign parts on the errands of their imperial masters are not necessarily 'heroes'.

John Simpson Kirkpatrick (and his donkey) was a knockabout ratbag Geordie, who worked as a fireman/stoker, 'following the banjo', a boozer and brawler who jumped ship at least twice, and was insubordinate to say the least.
For three weeks after 25th April, he ferried many wounded men down to the beach at Anzac Cove, unfailingly cheerful, whistling and singing.

Colonel (later General Sir) John Monash wrote on 20th May 1915, "Simpson and his donkey were yesterday killed by shrapnel shell... he belonged to none of the A.A.M.C units with this brigade, but had become separated from his own unit, and had carried on his perilous work on his own initiative."

Yeah... I reckon he's an authentic hero for mine. You can keep Skippy for yourself.

So, name me one or more of your 'heroes', hmmm? Sources? Citations? References? It's how historians work is it not? Cross-reference in search of those elusive 'facts'