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Posted By: GUEST,Branno
20-Jan-13 - 08:28 PM
Thread Name: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
Subject: RE: Ned Kelly to Have a Funeral
Nonsense you say? Nonsense!!
Same goes for you Bonzo3legs, with your two word contribution.
Suggest you read, think, and then know for yourself.
I've been a singer of Australian Bush Songs, and a student of History and Folklore since I was 18, and I'm now 63. And I've lived in N.E. Victoria, feel I have some personal (as opposed to academic or prejudiced) understanding of the culture of the region. I know a bloke who knows where Joe Byrne is buried, I've handled the pepperpot pistol that belonged to Dan Kelly.
Who are YOU comrade?

At the siege of Glenrowan, Ned Kelly left Annie Jones' Glenrowan Inn to go across the railway line to the other pub, to tell Tom Lloyd and others that the uprising they planned was not to be, then he went back alone, did not escape on his pony: exhausted and bleeding from serious wounds in both his arm and foot, he faced the many armed troopers (and their mercenary deputies, who look in the photos of the event like extras from a bad western) frightening the scutter out of them in his armour and helmet, finally being brought down by the cowardly Sergeant Steele who shot him in the legs from behind.
Steele's earlier behaviour included firing indiscriminately into the hotel where there were many 'civilians', and deliberately shooting at Mrs. Reardon and her baby. He earned 290 pounds,13 shillings and ninepence for this. He was also demoted after the Royal Commission into the 'Kelly Outbreak'...
As Steele stood over Kelly, ready to fire again, constable Bracken said, "If you shoot him, I'll shoot you, you bastard!"
The same Royal Commission, in a majority report, compared the cowardice of Supt. Hare, the senior police officer, in running away to Benalla with a graze on his hand (for which purpose he commandeered the train!), with the courage and leadership of Ned Kelly, who, although much more seriously wounded, stood his ground until 7am, when bravely attempting to join his mates, he was overpowered by numbers.
Hare got 800 pounds even for these brave endeavours; the R.C. however recommended that her he be retired from the force.

So, pull your finger out fella, Read about Kelly, read about Cuchualin.Have a nice cuppa tea and agood think. Then talk to me.