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Posted By: Don Firth
14-Dec-12 - 03:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
". . . it is almost impossible to have a grown up discussion with these people."

Apparently, Ake's idea of "a grown up discussion" is one in which he pontificates, and everyone else nods and chants, "Yessir, yessir, three bags full!"

Marriage, which used to be mainly a matter of increasing the tribe (which was the primary reason for the prohibitions against same-sex relationships in Biblical times), was later redefined to make it mainly a matter of property (a man's wife was considered "chattel," as were her possessions, including, often, a dowry) and inheritance. Within the past century, the place of women in society has, by itself, redefined marriage. And none of these redifinitions has brought about the destruction of society.

So that argument is spurious.

And as to the argument that same-sex relationships, male relationships in particular, are responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDs, is a reason to oppose same-sex marriage is self-contradictory. ONE (but not ALL) of the means of spreading HIV/AIDs is through promiscuous sex, regardless of the gender of the participants. Marriage encourages stable, monogamous relationships, so it cuts down on the spread of venereal diseases.

I have known a same-sex couple who have been in a stable, monogamous relationship for twenty-eight years! And other couples who have been together for long periods of time and to all intents and purposes, ARE married. Except legally, which would give them the same rights as other couples.

This past Sunday here in Washington State, they were able to have an official, legal, marriage ceremony, which made their relationship official and announced its existence to the rest of the world.

A very happy and much longed-for event for both them and their friends!

There is NO RATIONAL REASON to deny same-sex marriage.

Don Firth