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Posted By: Big Mick
21-Nov-00 - 07:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Have You Done It?
Subject: RE: BS: Have You Done It?
Pat is visiting his sister in Australia with the thought that he might emigrate. His sister walks in the bedroom to find Paddy packing his duffel. "What are you doing?" sez she. "I am leaving" sezhe. "This place is not like Ireland, I miss it, and I am going home". she sez "Come on, Paddy, go get in the car and take a ride, see how beautiful it is and you will change your mind". So he hops in the car, starts down the road , and no more than gets around the corner than he comes up on a fella having sex with a Kangaroo. "Wouldja lookit that" he thinks to himself. This place is loaded with sick folks. He gets a little farther down the street, and sees this one legged fella sitting under a tree masturbating. That's it, he sez to 'imself, I am done with this place. He turns the car around and drives back to his sis' house, walks in the door, goes to his room and continues packing. His sister walks in and sez "You wasn't gone long enough to give a good go, come on Pat, what is the problem?" He sez, "This bloody place has a quare affect on folks. I wasn't around the first block and didn't I see a man having sex with that pooor Kangaroo?" She looks at him with a quizzical stare, and he sez "And I get no more than another block and there sits a poor one legged fella masturbating under a tree" His sister sez, "Well, ..........a one legged man can't catch a Roo".