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Posted By: Lady McMoo
21-Nov-00 - 03:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Have You Done It?
Subject: RE: BS: Have You Done It?
This all reminds me of the oldie but goodie....

An Englishman wandering in the Australian Outback happens across two crusty old prospectors. One of the prospectors approaches him.

"G'day lost or something?"

"Good morning to you sir! Actually I was trying to find a kangaroo!"

"'Roo mate? What the hell'l the likes of you be wantin' with a 'roo?"

"Well actually my good man, I'm a taxidermist from London and I want to stuff one."

"Really? I see! OK, there's a whole bunch of them a mile in that direction..."

The Englishman wanders off and prospector number two asks the first prospector:

"What the hell did HE want?"

"Oh just some Pommie taxi driver from London...but it's OK, he's one of us!"