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Posted By: Les B
21-Nov-00 - 12:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Have You Done It?
Subject: RE: BS: Have You Done It?
So this young fellow in a pickup stops at the edge of a farmer's hay field, gets out leans on the fence and longingly watchs the old farmer mowing the hay.

After about three rounds of the field the old farmer stops and asks the young fellow why he's so enraptured by the scene. Well, the young fellow says, my folks used to own this farm and as a kid I used to mow this field and it just kinda takes me back to sweeter times.

The old farmer asks if he'd like to get on the tractor and mow a few rounds, and the young guy excitedly says yes. A couple of hours later the farmer comes back and they young fellow has done a beautiful job.

That's great says the old farmer, but why didn't you mow this one small patch here on the hill? Well, says the young man shyly, that's where I had my first romantic involvement, and I just did't want to disturb the spot where I lost my virginity.

Oh, says the old man, then what's this other small patch you didn't mow ? Well, says the young man. That's where her mother stood while I consumated the affair. What ! Her mother watched ! What did she say, asks the old man in shock. "Moo" says the young man.