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Posted By: Joe_F
25-Oct-12 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Groundhog
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Groundhog
The version that I breezily attributed to Lomax (& that has made it into the DigiTrad) is from his _American Ballads & Folksongs_. His _Folk Songs of North America_ has quite a different one:

One old woman was the mother of us all,
She fed us on whistle-pig as soon as we could crawl.
    Tan-a-rig-tail, paddle link-a di-de-do.

Come on, boys, and let's go down,
Let's catch a whistle-pig in the groun'.

Up come Jonah from the plough,
Catch the whistle-pig, catch him now.

Blow your horn and call your dogs,
We'll go to the backwoods and catch a groundhog.

Treed him in a rock, treed him in a log,
Dagone, boys, what a big groundhog!

Skin that whistle-pig, save that hide,
Makes the best shoestrings I ever tied.

Take that groundhog, put him on to bile,
Bet, by jinks, you could smell him a mile.

Up come grace with a snigger and a grin,
Groundhog gravy all over her chin.

Up come Cloe, happy as a crane,
Swan she'd eat them red-hot brains.

They eat that whistle-pig, all they could hold,
Till there was nothing left in the bowl.

I set a steel trap up on the hill,
Now we'll have whistle-pig at our will.