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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
12-Oct-12 - 07:49 AM
Thread Name: Change at the BBC folk awards
Subject: RE: Change at the BBC folk awards
Well written, Emma....

I'm sorry that you've now inherited The Hate Crown from The Folk Police, which once they put on me.

I too have asked, more times than I can recall, WHO the judges are in the Folk Awards. It was yet another reason why Smooth Ops banned me from their Radio 2 messageboard, so long ago now.

Once, I was their 'darling' for I sang the praises of the Mike Harding Show, and I could do no wrong. Encouraged, written to by Mel herself, from Smooth Ops...

But oh dear me, it all started to go so horribly wrong when I picked up on the dislike they then had for Show of Hands, who I 'adopted' and turned into Folk Heroes, much to the massive annoyance of the Folkie Police.... ;0)

Time's moved on though and now Steve and Phil have joined the ranks of fRoots and all who sail with them....

They'll never reveal the judges, Emma. It's a waste of good writing skills. The folk world is all stitched up by the Big Fish in the Small Pond, and it has been for decades.

It won't change until they either retire or drop down dead..

The BBC and Corruption are two words that sit well together......