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Posted By: katlaughing
11-Oct-12 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Joe, surely you don't believe a person has to live in Utah or Idaho to be completely immersed in the LDS church? That has NOT stopped Romney from taking his "elder" duties seriously. Take a look at his track record:Abortion Agenda.

I thikn it was on FB where I read a firsthand acct. of how he treated a young Mormon woman who had permission from her Stake President (ultra-elder) to have an abortion of a seven week old foetus when Romnet it upon himself to harass her about it and forbid it.

Make no mistake...women of the Mormon faith are second class chattels, by and large. As long as they fulfill their roles of wife and mother, even to the death (my cousin's wife...I still don't speak to the idiot who let her die just to give him another child as church doctrine dictates), then no problem. Let one get a bit uppity and watch out.

IF this is thread drift, I apologise. I do think the OP has to expect some discussion of religion by the very nature of the cartoon linked.