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Posted By: Little Hawk
11-Oct-12 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Oh, but Steve...I do agree with you about the prosyletizing. I'm not in favor of people trying to convert others to their religion...or to their lack of same. Either way, I'm not in favor of any form of aggressive or invasive prosyletizing. It's not anyone's business to go around trying to convert others, in my opinion.

(And that's where I disagree with some very nice local people I town's Jehovah's Witnesses. They're nice, allright. They're excellent friends and neighbours. But they do pester people unnecessarily with their zeal to convert. I don't ridicule them, though, I treat them politely and make it plain that they have no hope of turning me into a JW.)