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Posted By: Little Hawk
11-Oct-12 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
michael - I haven't known very many Nazis. Maybe none at all. I have known thousands and thousands of people who had some kind of religious beliefs in various traditions, and very few of them fitted your dark view of religion. Therefore, I am not inclined to ridicule religious people. They have mostly proven themselves to be pretty good people, in my experience.

While I agree that there are some fundamentalists who believe bizarre things and act in bizarre ways, it is unrealistic to tar religion in general with that brush. It would, again, be like insulting all black people on the basis of the robberies and drug dealing done by a few young black men. That wouldn't be right. Neither is it right to insult all religious people because of some religious fundamentalists.'s not necessary for me to agree with another person about absolutely everything in life in order to respect them as good people! Suppose someone believes in the concept of the virgin birth? So what? How does that hurt me? How does it really hurt anyone? What matters to me about those people they behave well toward others and are they good neighbours and are they kind? That's what matters, not whether they believe in the virgin birth.

I don't agree with EVERYTHING in any given religion. I don't believe in EVERYTHING my own country does. I don't believe in EVERYTHING my best friend believes in. This doesn't stop me from having good relations with religions, with my country, and with my best friend, does it?

There's no one in the world you'll ever agree with about everything, michael, but that doesn't mean you need to ridicule them. Ridicule is an attempt to destroy another person. Have you ever been ridiculed? Did you enjoy it?

You mentioned that "Personally, I would look at Buddhism, Taoism and others not as religions, but as philosophies. They're more about the development of the self than about worship of a deity, and cannot be said to have caused a fraction of the wars, death and assorted miseries that the organized Western religions have."

Uh-huh. Actually, the primary concern of all religions, when they are practiced intelligently, IS development of the self. All religions ARE primarily philosophies of life. But you are correct that the 3 main religions of the West (Judaism, Islam, & Christianity) have caused an enormous amount of war, death, and assorted miseries. No question. That always tended to make me shy away from them...and more toward the Eastern religions. In recent years I've started to see the good in them, however, and some of the good things they've done. You find whatever you look for. If you only look for the bad in something, that's all you'll find. If you look for the good, that is there too, and it's there powerfully.

It's like I could condemn the governments of this world totally, simply because they've created a great deal of war, havoc, and destruction. And they have! But I could also look at all the good things that our governments have done...all the wonderful things that have been accomplished peacefully and creatively by our nations under those governments...and there's plenty of that too. It's all around us.

It's totally up to you whether you want to see only the bad...only the good...or a mixture of the two in anything, whether it be one other human being, one human institution or one religion. You WILL find only what you decided to look for...unless you are fair enough to keep an open mind and look without prior prejudice.