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Posted By: michaelr
11-Oct-12 - 12:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Subject: RE: BS: Is Doonesbury going too far?
Sorry about the thread drift, but, LH --

Why not, let's say... Nazis, and on the basis of that hearsay he said, "Why not ridicule Nazis? They're racist, thuggish, and brutal. They bully and kill. Everything they do is an abomination."

People wouldn't let someone get away with a statement like that nowadays, would they? Of course -- they do all the time! It's perfectly OK to revile Nazis, isn't it? Communists, too, right? Scientologists? Where is the line?

You see, saying that "there's nice people in that movement/organization" is stating the truth, to be sure - whichever movement or organization you may refer to - but it's both misleading and beside the point. It's about the organization and what it stands for, and what methods it uses to gain and keep adherents. And it's about what happens to those people as a consequence of joining up. And it's about what happens to the world at large, in the case of major religions, as a result of their policies and dogmas.

Personally, I would look at Buddhism, Taoism and others not as religions, but as philosophies. They're more about the development of the self than about worship of a deity, and cannot be said to have caused a fraction of the wars, death and assorted miseries that the organized Western religions have.

As regards the individual adherent of a religious faith, his is by definition an irrational existence, which is bound to cause problems within the person as well as in his interactions with a rational world.

Christians believe a virgin gave birth, and the world was made in six days. Mormons believe Jesus walked on American soil. Some other wackos believe he was riding a dinosaur. Are we supposed to perceive degrees of irrationality? Again, where is the line?

I think they're all irrational, but the Mormons are crazier than the mainstream. Just like the Tea Party, but with more members. As for mocking them, nobody does it better than South Park.