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Posted By: GUEST,Musket sans cookie
07-Oct-12 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Still confused at this end.

He hasn't mentioned any public health figures from The UK yet still seems to throw the term UK into his diatribe. His USA figures are selective and drill down into groupings where there are clusters and ignores groupings where the picture does not support his preposition.

Funny that.

As he then talks about all homosexual activities being bad for the health of everybody, his prejudice shows through. Why does he use carefully doctored statistics, available on websites of Christian fundamental groups but not anywhere else to make us want to shun sections of society?

He already has Jack the Sailor saying he has the right to try and influence debate on the basis he seems more reasonable than me. What if anybody else was as gullible?

Of course, that is his aim. Why Akenaton? Just why? What gives you the right to copy and paste massaged figures and say"There, that's why we need to hate and discourage lifestyle choices, because thy are all hedonistic irresponsible people", even when all they want is their monogamous marriages to ge recognised as such (remembering what this thread is all about)

John P makes the point that you do not necessarily choose to be gay. However, don't forget that doesn't mean someone isn't comfortable and content with their sexual orientation. Akenaton has cried that this is just down to left wing governments and agencies encouraging them on the basis of political correctness. Well fuck me drunk, I must be right on after all, instead of the filthy rotten capitalist I really am, according to another interesting character on these threads.

Oh, and the legal definition of epidemic; at least get something as simple as that right if you wish to bandy figures. I am no genius and rely on consultant doctors in the field of public health for edipemiology advice, or did when I chaired an NHS body. But even I know what makes an epidemic and selective cluster figures, even if they reflected a larger picture, which they don't, do not mean epidemic. We have gone a long way since the complacency of the mid '80s and accepting a gay lifestyle by the rest of society has been one of the big success stories in combating the health issue by removing the stigma.

Hence Akenaton's stance being so utterly appalling.