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Posted By: Musket
02-Oct-12 - 05:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question

Littlehawk, your logic is without doubt commendable and on many subjects, I would wonder who this self opinionated prick is? I am not typing as in conversation though. I am not being Ian, "Musket", "well hung stud" or any other name I regularly answer to.

I am making a point and making a point isn't connected with putting two sides over, it is pushing said point. My point is that society shall forever debate subjects such as gay marriage, mixed race marriage, women priest and dare I say it, people with learning disabilities being in love, whilst ever there are those who look down on lifestyles and social norms that are different to their preconceived views. (Getting bored with saying bigot, I am describing it instead.). All those subjects have been debated at political party conferences here in The UK over the last few years. In years to come, those of us still around may wish to hang our heads in shame if we didn't speak out about the absurdity of debating where society should be accepting without condition. It isn't about having a different view, it is about the global accepting everybody as an equal. That is the start of debate, not the result.

But where people question how others live, it is up to them to question their own views, not for decent society to lower its moral outlook to accommodate them. If Akenaton has a problem with gay relationships, fine. But his insistence on quoting lies and propaganda to justify his position is not nice, not clever and frankly, bordering on disturbing.

I'll happily debate why people have issues accepting ideals that had not hitherto been accepted. I can even on occasion see the perpetrator of crime as a victim nonetheless. But in this day and age, debating gay marriage is about trying to understand why the likes of Akenaton have such extreme views rather than trying to find common ground with the bugger.

By saying what you just did, and backed up by Jack The Sailor waking up and typing, all it has done has, from his last post, is make him feel that his views are worthy of consideration. All views are I suppose, but that's why we have people trained in dealing with personality disorder and to be honest, in trying to understand his stance, that's about as far as my regard for him can go on this subject.