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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-Oct-12 - 07:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
You find it incomprehensible that a fellow atheist (something you apparently very much approve of) could possibly disagree with you about something else than religion, Musket??? ;-) That's funny. Your own post is so redolent of various unconscious forms of unthinking bigotry and rigid stereotyping of other people based on the most superficial assumptions about them, that it doesn't really surprise me that you are so keen on hunting out evidence of bigotry in others.

There's stuff I disagree thoroughly with Akenaton about. There's stuff I agree thoroughly with him about. There's other stuff where we might partially agree and partially disagree. I have learned, through long experience, that one cannot instantly categorize a person's relative worth/intelligence/morality/fundamental beliefs or anything else based on his opinion about just one of the world's many contentious issues.

If you were to read everything Akenaton has spoken about on this forum in the last few years...rather just confining your attentions strictly to his comments about gay rights issues and legislation regarding would soon find out that he is not the vicious homophobic monster who haunts your particular anxiety closet. You probably agree with him about a great many other things in life. Just not THIS particular thing. And you don't begin to comprehend why he has the opinions he does. You don't wish to even try. You want to either "save" him (by making him change his views), intimidate him into silence, or condemn him eternally amongst the circle of your peers as an antisocial bigot (which means, reduce his value to a zero quotient in the eyes of yourself and others).

He's much more complicated a person than you imagine. I find it hilarious that you are confounded by the fact that he is an atheist, and that...

"He cannot even hide behind superstition as he claims to be atheist."

You were expecting him to be a Christian fundamentalist? Well, too bad. He doesn't fit that stereotype at all. "claims" to be?????? His atheism is dead obvious if you bothered to pay any attention to the stuff he's been posting here for years and years.

Nope. He's not the stereotypical gay-bashing monster that you imagine in your mind. Not even close. You've pigeon-holed a bird here that is not even a pigeon in the first place.

Remember: When one is on a witch hunt, what does one find? A witch! Every time. And then one burns the witch.

My suggestion is not to go on a witchhunt in the first place, because the probability is that there is, in fact, no witch for you to find here. There are just other people here, people as complicated and multidimensional and unstereotypical and unpredictable and unique and idealistic as you yourself are. If you treat them with the respect you'd like them to treat you might eventually be possible to get to know them AS real people, rather than as "political enemy" stereotypes.

There are certain things I'll never agree with Akenaton about. So what? I could say that about almost anyone. It doesn't change the fact that he also has many good qualities and useful thoughts to offer.