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Posted By: gnu
01-Oct-12 - 06:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
ake... "but I certainly do want to do something about legislation which helps to promote homosexuality as a safe and healthly lifestyle; to the extreme detriment of the family structure and homosexuals themselves." "so what is the problem??

ake... ABOVE in this post is my problem... YOUR logic. Legislation will not turn YOU or anyone else gay. Don't be afraid. It does not mean YOU have to turn gay.

As for "safe and healthly", well, I guess I just gotta say, what fuckin stone age bullshit is that?

Listen up all and sundry... gay exists... it ain't goin away. The only thing that needs to go away is intolerance and ignorance. Fact is, I don't know ANY gay people (that I know of fer sure... I got some suspicions). But I surely wouldn't treat them any differently than I treat anyone else. Why would I do that? I just ain't a prick, period. I was raised not to be a prick. To treat... nevermind.

And, I GOTTA say it again... them gay parades?... shove em. THAT kinda shit pisses me off BIGtime. Be gay but don't shove it in my face eh? When ya do that yer just another ignorant, intolerant no-mind asshole like the people you rail against. It certainly detracts from everything you wish to gain.