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Posted By: GUEST,Musket sans cookie
01-Oct-12 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Yeah but it works for me.
Although a puppy might have some redeeming features.

After all, every ruddy post, he cannot help himself. Just go up a couple of posts. Lamenting that homosexuality will always be with us. Who the flying fuck are "us"?? Then goes on to show concern about legislation that promotes equality.

Ok running his nose in a shitty carpet isn't perhaps appropriate. But at least we can get a vet to neuter the sod?

In case anybody has lost the plot, this thread is about gay marriage. It invites both sides of a debate, granted. But I am not sure there are two sides to this.

You either see "gay marriage" as a term to describe two gay people making the same sort of commitment as any other couple, or you have views that have no place in decen society. He cannot even hide behind superstition as he claims to be atheist.

I could be quiet. I could let it pass. I could try and agree to disagree.

Acceptance or complacency however just encourages and perpetuates bigotry and hate. Fuck him, I'll point and glare if that's the same to you. Such ignorance and hate brings out the worst in the rest of us, me included.