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Posted By: pdq
26-Sep-12 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Embassygate?
Subject: RE: BS: Embassygate?
Please note "we will get Bin Laden" was a prediction since he was perfectly healthy at the time that statement was made.

Hard to call somebody a liar over a prediction.

Global Warming hawkers can say "temperature will rize 8 degrees by 2050. We all gonna die!". They are not liars even though they are wrong since it is a prediction, not fact.

If you say "smoking is good for your health" and everybody knows it is not, that make you either ignorant or a liar.

If you were warned three days before a branch of al-Qaeda attacked our embassy in Libya with rockets and gernades and you persisted in saying that it was a peaceful protest by little Islamic darlings angered by a movie made by bad rightwing extremist Christians, you would be full of crap a liar.