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Posted By: GUEST,Ed
16-Sep-12 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: Fairport on BBC4 Tonight
Subject: RE: Fairport on BBC4 Tonight
I was going to try a reasoned post like Tom and Diane, but ... it's pointless.

You may well be right, Edthefolkie.

I am however going to raise a couple of points.

I was born in 1967, and was 2 when Leige and Leif was released. The 'nostaglia' arguement clearly dosen't apply to me.

Also, the 'anti' Leige and Leif posters seem to dislike that idea that it was voted "best" folk album by Radio 2 listeners. It wasn't, it was voted "Most influential Folk Album". There is a big difference. Clearly defining 'best' is subjective and a fool's errand on anyone's part. Arguing that it wasn't infuential is clearly wrong.

David Owen,

Firstly, apologies for misspelling your name. An unintentional typo I can assure you.

You call the album a "dismal record that has absolutely NOTHING to do with rock music" Ok, that's your opinion, fair enough. However, you mention both The Beatles' Sgt Pepper and The Sex Pistols as being classic 'Rock'

However, if 'She's Leaving Home' and 'Pretty Vacant' are both 'Rock' by your clearly wide ranging definition, can you tell me why Fairport's 'Tam Lin' isn't please?

Keith Price,

You ask, Ed your first name wouldn't be Dick by any chance?

No, it's Ed. If I were called Dick, I would sign myself by that name. But why did you feel the need to post something unpleasant like that?

Ok, that's about it...

One final thing, I not a huge Fairport fan, I've got the first four or five albums, went to a couple of Cropredys in the '80s, but that's about it.

I personally like 'What We Did On Our Holidays' better, but is there really a need to be so incredibly negative about a pretty damn good and influential album?